Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage

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Laura is our therapist for Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage.  Laura is fully qualified, having completed the Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage course with the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training.

Being pregnant can take its toll as I’m sure a lot of people know, so when my husband bought me a pregnancy massage for my birthday I can honestly say its one of the best presents I’ve ever received.
Laura is amazing at what she does, she is also friendly and understanding and makes you feel comfortable every visit.
I cannot recommended Laura enough, both pregnancy and post-natal massages are amazing and I shall be booking my next appointment soon. Karen

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy the body goes through many changes; hormones change, ligaments loosen, there is more strain on the body resulting in postural changes and compression which can lead to syndromes such as carpal tunnel or piriformis syndrome.  It can also be a very exciting time, but also one which is tiring, full of anxiety and stressful!

Pregnancy massage can be used to treat many of these ailments that occur during pregnancy, whilst also promoting better sleep.  It also allows you to have some time to yourself and feel pampered!

Targeted massage treatment can aid in the relief of:

  • Back & Pelvic Pain
  • Tarsal / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Ribcage Pain
  • Headaches
  • Cramping / Restless Legs
  • Swollen hands / feet
  • Piriformis Syndrome / Sciatica

What happens in Pregnancy Massage and is it safe?

Pregnancy massage is considered to be safe, however, at your first consultation we will carry out a thorough consultation to ensure there are no contraindications, and will also take note of any changes at subsequent appointments.

During the massage, in the second and third trimesters you will be positioned on your side with cushions to make you comfortable.  During the first trimester, it is usually safe and still comfortable to lie on your front, however, should you wish to lie on your side, this can be accommodated.

The massage is carried out as a full body massage and includes some gentle stretches and passive mobilisations of the shoulders, wrists, fingers, hips, ankles and toes.

The aim of the massage is to help you feel relaxed whilst also relieving many of the muscular aches and pains experienced throughout pregnancy.

Laura is qualified to massage throughout all three trimesters and massage can be enjoyed upto the due date (and beyond!)

Post Natal Massage

After the birth of a baby, it is very easy to forget about your own needs!

Post-natal massage continues to help with many of the aches and pain you may still be suffering with, as your body takes time to adjust.  You may also be developing new aches and pains from the various strains while handling your baby, specifically neck, shoulders, upper back and arms.  It also, importantly, allows you some pampering time and to relax.

During the massage, you are generally positined on your side, as you may still have a sore, uncomfortable abdomen and breasts, especially if breastfeeding.  It is ideal if you are able to come on your own so you are able to fully relax, however, if you wish to bring your baby this can be accomodated and they can lie on the couch with you on your side.

Don’t forget about the Dad’s too! – Ginger Tree Therapies have a range of treatments to allow Dad to relax in a time which can create a lot of anxiety and stress!  Please see our treatments page.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us!