Scar Massage / Tissue Release

Scar tissue (a concentration of thick, pale fibres formed on the skin or internal organs caused by healing after injury, disease or surgery. They have limited flexibility, circulation and sensation) and Adhesions (fibrous bands, or thin sheets of tissue, that grow as a result of trauma to the body) are part of the body’s healing process, formed in response to injury, illness, surgery and other medical treatments.

Scar tissue and adhesions can result in restricted movement, in addition to numbness and/or pain and can interfere with the body’s functioning.   Both old and new scars, external and internal, minor to major scars can all have an effect on the body’s normal ability to function and sensation.

Specialist massage techniques can effectively treat pain and immobility caused by scarring and adhesions. While this is not a cosmetic treatment, scars can become less visable as a side effect.

Scarring cannot be treated in one visit, therefore at least six regular treatments are advised, depending on the size of the adhesions/scarring.

Wounds should be fully healed before attempting massage.  In cases of c-section scarring, the post 6 week check should have been carried out.  However, the earlier massage is given to a scar, the more effective the results.

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