Sports Recovery Massage Testimonials

“I’ve known Carl for a few years, initially through his Muay Thai training, but more recently have also been having a monthly deep tissue massage.  I can honestly say this has given my training a new lease of life.  After year of training and competition in a variety of sports and doing my best to ignore ongoing niggles and injuries, my body had taken quite a battering and pain free days were rare occasions.    A few massage sessions have put me right back on track and Carl also offers me sounds advice on maintaining good habits (like stretching more) and specific stretches to target problematic areas.   From an athletic perspective, Ginger Tree provide effective and professional treatment and on a personal level, their friendly, courteous and positive attitude makes them a pleasure to deal with.” Morgan, Dec 2014

“I had calves of granite that would cause me all manner of problems when out running. A few Deep Tissue sessions on the table at Ginger Tree soon fixed my calves and helped me prepare and complete my first Tough Mudder, all 12 and a bit miles of it.   For me, there’s now no alternative.” John, April 2014

‘I completed my first Tough Mudder today, and I can honestly say that the personal training from Carl, and the Sports Massages running up to the event, made a huge difference to the way I felt both during and afterwards.  Thank you Ginger tree!!  Can’t wait until tomorrow’s post race massage and I can tell you all about it. :-)’ Kerrie

‘Just had a post MMA fight massage by Carl at Ginger tree therapies.  Feeling a million times better, highly recommended!!!! Get booked in he’s great!’ Terry

‘I don’t believe in miracles but @gingertree12 has performed one.  I can move again.  Great way to start the week with a sports massage’ James (via Twitter)

‘Got out of bed with no back/neck stiffness this morning.  I suggest everyone has a little treatment @gingertree12. Feeling goooood!’ Donna (via Twitter)

‘Fantastic massages, great insight into body maintenance too. Before I contacted GTT I had major back issues. Now with regular treatment and giving me the know-how for care in between massages they have helped me to do more in sports activities I partake in.’ Justin

‘Big Thank you to Carl at Ginger Tree for tonight’s treatment. Legs feel great and ready to take on The Grim Challenge at the weekend!’ Paula